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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1 Ltr




Why Choose Gaon Fresh’s Sesame Oil?

Pure: 100% pure sesame oil. 0% trans fats, additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients—we just won’t allow it!

Cold-pressed, extra virgin: They buy the best seeds from farmers and press them in a traditional wooden press (kacchi ghani), keeping nutrients, antioxidants, and flavour intact. We don’t use any heat, steam, or chemicals, such as hexane. Our method gives a lower yield but gives you the highest quality oil.

Unprocessed, unrefined: The sesame oil does not undergo any of the processing that commercial refined groundnut oil goes through, such as deodorisation or bleaching. This helps retain all the natural goodness of the oil.

Traditional heirloom seeds (देसी बीज): The sesame oil is made from indigenous Indian varieties of mustard and is non-GMO.

Quality you can smell and taste: The sesame oil is a light golden oil with the distinct, pungent aroma and rich taste of pure mustard.

Health benefits: Sesame oil is a good source of Vitamin E, the absorption of which is enhanced by the sesamin and sesaminol compounds. Studies show that sesame oil is heart-friendly and helps in the management of cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as in weight reduction (Yale Journal of Biological Medicine, March 2006 – D Shankar et al)

How to store: Refrigerate the bottle after opening it; keep the cap shut tight. Unrefined oils are fragile compounds and are best consumed within three to four months of the date of packaging. The oil may appear cloudy when stored in your fridge—this is absolutely normal.

Other uses: Ayurvedic body massage (abhyanga) and head massages. Sesame oil is also recommended for oil pulling (swirling oil in your mouth) for oral hygiene.

Packing size: 1 ltr

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